Attitude of Gratitude {series} Day 2

There are two things tonight I am grateful for. Both are small things in comparison to the things I posted yesterday, but sometimes the small things can hold a bigger impact on our wellbeing.

So the things I am most grateful for today:

Ruby Tuesday’s Garden Bar

A couple of my coworkers and I ordered this amazing salad bar for lunch and let me tell you something: Ya’ll DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! This salad was the bomb dot com ok? Pretty much any ingredient that you might think to put in your salad is there, they make it incredibly convenient that you can order online. The best part: You can get this massive salad and three amazing sides (I got cheddar and onion brussels sprouts, grilled zucchini and a loaded baked potato) all for less than $14. Yes! This salad literally made my day and it’s the only thing I have eaten today (3 times now and there is still more).

(Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, I am not getting any kickbacks from Ruby’s at all. I am sharing my honest and personal experience. Now go get you a salad people!)


My Hairdresser

This goddess slays my hair every other week and I look forward to having someone else tame this beast of hair I have! But seriously, she that findeth a good hairdresser, findeth a great thing. Ladies you know what I am talking about. We are super picky about our hair. At least I know that I am. I know how I like it and  I want someone to do my hair that not only knows what she is doing, but knows how to properly care for my type of hair and listens to me. Before finding my current hairdresser, I was driving 2 hours one way on occasion just to get my hair done by my first ever hairdresser. The struggle was so real.  But I seriously could not be happier with my current hair slayer. She always gets it right and my hair hasn’t been this healthy or this long in a long time.


Cheers to great food and a kick ass hair do to get you feeling like your best self!



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