It’s a Numbers Game

Do you have a favorite or lucky number? For most people it is their birthday number or their jersey number. Whatever the number is, you tend to see it in the most ordinary ways. For me, it is my birthday 6-2-1. I always see the clock when it is 6:21. 21 is just a great number. I know I am biased. But I will never forget my 21st birthday, on the 21st of June which happened to have been a Saturday! What a night that was! But I digress. 21 has always been MY number. Although I love June because of summer and my birthday it isn’t my most favorite of numbers. Don’t get me wrong, the number 6 has never done anything wrong to me. HA!

Enter number 17. I never have looked twice at the number 17. Seven, yes (but I will get to that in one minute), but 17, nope. No significance whatsoever. Now being 17 was tough for me, so maybe the number 17 I just subconsciously erased, I am not sure. Now the number 7 represents so much. To the Egyptians, 7 represents perfection and a complete cycle. The symbol of the cross is represented by 7(its six directions with one center). Even dice are represented by the number 7(the dice being 1, and the 6 numbers it represents). There are countless other examples from all parts of the world and different centuries who have held the number 7 at a high value.  The one thing that sticks out about the number 7 to me is how it represents the idea of completion.

I have shared the story about how Trevor and I met (you can catch up here), but I left one thing out.


Trevor and I met on November 17th. Five years ago today actually at approximately 4:30pm. Yes, I remember. If you read the post that I wrote, you know that our first encounter was comical to say the least and I had no idea (initially) that Trevor would be my husband.

That day was a universal shift for me. And all of a sudden, I started seeing the number 17 everywhere. I mean everywhere. The number 17 began to show up in the checkout line, on the back of buses as I drove by, everywhere.

The months flew by as Trevor and I were dating and before I knew it we were engaged in May (no it was not on the 17th). We were originally slated to get married the following June, but that didn’t happen. We decided that just 12 weeks was all we really needed and we got married in August of 2013. I bet you can’t guess the date. If you said the 17th you would be correct. We were already planning to go to California for me to meet his family (you can read that story here) as he had not been home in a while. Once we were engaged, I suggested that we just get married out there. So my mom, my cousin and one of my best friends all booked their flights and to Palmdale, California we went.

And just like that, the number 17 went from having no meaning to me, to signifying the most important day of my life. Well 2 very important days of my life.

But wait…there is more.

Fast forward to last October, when we decided it was time to start looking for a house to buy. We loved the house we were renting, but the owners started turning it back into a working farm and that life is not for us. Trevor had been working really hard because he didn’t think that we would ever be able to buy another house, but finally all of the stars started to align. We started looking at houses and nothing seemed to be right for us. We had a few things that were absolute musts: Stay in the same school district, and 2 full bathrooms. The rest was all subject to change. We narrowed it down to two houses, both within 500 yards of each other. I had my heart set on Option 2. Walking through Option 1, we were both super judgmental. We didn’t like anything about the place. When we went around the corner to Option 2, the excitement was overwhelming. I just KNEW this was going to be the house for us! And then we walked in. We never even finished the tour, the house was that bad. We went home that night discouraged.

The next morning, I went back to the realtor’s website and looked at Option 1 again. Was it really THAT bad, or had I not given it a fair chance because I was so stuck on Option 2 being my dream home? I must have scrolled through that slideshow of Option 1 at least 1000 times. The funny thing is, so did Trevor. We both had realized that we jumped the gun. Option 1 was perfect for us. We requested a second walkthrough, made an offer (which should have been rejected) and we GOT THE HOUSE!

I bet you can’t guess our closing date. November 17, 2016. 4 years to the day of meeting each other, we closed on our first home!

And there is that number 17. I told you earlier that what strikes me the most about the number 7 is its representation of completion. This may be a stretch but it works for me. Take the number 6 from my birthday (you know the one that never did anything to me, but I didn’t really have an attraction to), add 1 for Trevor (where the ‘2’ of us became ‘1’ = 21) and now we are complete at 7. Our completeness of 7 with 1 (this time representing Brayden) and we are back at 17.

Our family is completely complete with just the 3 of us. We aren’t lacking in any way. While my pride may say that I need to conceive a child of my own, my heart knows that I am complete right now in this very moment the way my life is now.

Today is a very special day at the Heady Household as it marks the beginning of our life together. The road has been bumpy and rough at times, but it has been a good ride. In fact, this journey has been the ride of a lifetime. I am so grateful for our family and excited to see what the next chapter of our life will be.

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