A Week of Thanksgiving

What a whirlwind of a week this has been! I am sitting here in awe that Thanksgiving has actually come and gone already. How the heck did that happen?

Thanksgiving was incredible. We hosted 18 people for the first time in OUR home. It was incredible. The laughs, the jokes, the hugs, and the FOOD! Trevor and I made a great team and we served dinner right on time at 2pm. everyone had a wonderful time.

Trevor’s mom and stepdad were here from California which was so nice. I have never traveled during the holidays, but I can imagine it is quite stressful. I feel so blessed to have his parents and my mom and our close family and friends join us to celebrate our first Thanksgiving. The bar has been set now and I am already looking forward to hosting next year.

We took Trevor’s parents to a new Casino nearby which they liked. Me, I go to the casino for the food; particularly the strawberry champagne sorbet. It is incredible. I have never been one for gambling, but I enjoy the atmosphere. Weird right?

Sunday we declared to be Christmas so that we could all celebrate together before the parentals took off back to the West Coast. My mother in law wanted to have seafood, and because neither one of them had ever been into a Wegmans; we decided to take a field trip. So down to Ithaca we went to Wegmans. Have you ever been into Wegmans during the holidays? No? Well imagine trying to grocery shop img_7417-1.jpgthrough Times Square. I think that is a close comparison. Ok, maybe a tad bit exaggerated but you get the point. Wegmans was packed. But Trevor and I consider ourselves Wegmans’ experts so we zigged to the seafood and picked up a suitcase of king crab legs and jumbo shrimp. Then we zagged over to the Mediterranean bar to get olives stuffed with blue cheese, artichoke hearts and hard salami. Spinning a 180 to the bakery we snagged fresh begets and a pumpkin cheesecake roll before taking off to the checkout line. It was a success. The in-laws despite being a tad bit overwhelmed really liked Wegmans. We stayed for a quick bite to eat before heading back home for football and naps. I mean what more perfect of a way to relax on a Sunday then by watching football and dozing on and off?

You all remember how I put on my bucket list for this year to purchase a bottle of Piper Champagne (you can check the list here)? Well my darling husband actually for me a bottle for our Anniversary. I have been saving it for the perfect time. Well, that time was Sunday night during our Christmas celebration. It was everything that I had imagined it would be. I have tried a few champagnes over the past few months and the Piper did not disappoint. So bubbly and crisp!

This week has been amazing and my heart is overfilled and my cup overflowing. There is nothing more fulfilling than being surrounded by those whom you love.

I am so thankful for the memories, the time to be with one another, the love and the friendship that this past week has given me. I hope that you all had a wonderful thanksgiving week!

What is one thing that you are grateful for today?


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