What I learned in 2017

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve! It is 6am in upstate New York as I am writing this. This week, the temperature hasn’t made it out of the teens during the day, and sitting in the low digits at night. I have been struggling with a head cold as well as trying to find some pain relief for my shoulder. After a rotator cuff injury, these frigid temps are NOT good.

I wanted a chance to reflect on this year in order to prepare for next year. 2017 have been a memorable year, and just like any other year there were highs and lows. So because I haven’t been blogging that long, I thought I would give a little synopsis of what I have learned this year.

Every year, I pick a word that I will focus on. For 2017 that word was Fearless.

In January, right out of the gate I had my first test. That entire month was spent traveling 4 hours round trip to the Fertility Clinic. In the end, that round was unsuccessful. I felt defeated and broken and angry. I was SO positive through the entire process and I just could not wrap my brain around what was happening. Add on all of the hormones and medication I was on you can only imagine the turmoil. God bless my husband Trevor, because to be frank; he puts up with a lot of shit.

By February, I needed something else to focus on. The direct sales company I am a part of was in full swing of qualifying for an incentive trip for October. I was already one month behind, because I spent January trying to get pregnant. With a tiny team, I decided to run for the trip. My mom was also in rehab, because she had a hip replacement at the end of January. I was afraid for her surgery and things didn’t go quite as planned initially. But there was that word again: Fearless. I was strong for my mom and I was there every step of the way. Every year for the super bowl, my family gathers at my uncle’s house in Charleston, South Carolina. On average we pile in with around 50 or so people (my aunt and uncle our Fearless for real ya’ll) for the weekend. While most of us sleep at a hotel, the main event always takes place at my uncle’s house. Trevor and I drove down this year (which is about a 14 hour ride). My mom was only one week post-operation when we left. It was a fantastic time as usual and when we returned home, a dear friend of mine made sure that my mom’s apartment was ready for her to return to (he even built a railing for the front porch). Rehab went great for my mom and she was able to go home.

March and April were the biggest months I have ever had in my direct sales company. By now, I was telling everyone that Trevor and I were going to Punta Cana in October for the honeymoon we never had. I was doing everything I could possibly think of to earn those incentive points. The momentum was picking up and there was not a day that there weren’t boxes of goodies showing up on my front porch. My dining room became an assembly line and it was all hands on deck. Everyone had their part. Brayden would get the boxes off the porch and bring them in. I would open and separate. My mom would stuff the packages and address them, and Trevor would mail them out to my customers. My family gathered together once again in April. But this time it was to mourn a loss. My mom’s sister, the eldest in the family had passed away from Alzheimer’s. Just days after her 53rd wedding anniversary, she was gone. Watching my uncle, who had spent his entire adult life with my aunt mourn for her was one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever seen. Through it all, he remained a pillar, standing tall. I don’t know if he was afraid of the future without her, but he was pressing on Fearlessly. I learned so much from them. They were more like Grandparents than Aunt and Uncle. If Trevor and I can love each other half the amount my aunt and uncle loved, I would consider us a success. 53 years of marriage is unheard of these days!

May would be the next test. I was close enough that the trip was a definite possibility, but I was still far enough away that it could easily be taken away. I have never crunched so many numbers and scenarios in my life. I became obsessive. I was determined to finally get my honeymoon but the end of the qualification period was coming soon. The dining room assembly continued through may and before we knew it, the final countdown was on.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that my birthday is a big deal. So big in fact, that I celebrate it all month long. So in June, I am not going to lie. I was scared. I wanted to give up. I was running out of steam. But it was my birthday month and I decided that if I were going down, it wouldn’t happen without a fight. My mom spent hours wrapping up goodies for my online birthday bash. It was my last attempt to qualify for the trip. My tribe of ladies that stood behind me pulled through. People were messaging me and asking what they could do to help. Everyone wanted us to go on that trip. Also, I was so afraid to turn 30. I hadn’t done anything I had set out to do in my 20s and here I am days away from entering a new decade. So for my birthday, I decided to write a list of things I wanted to accomplish this year. You can find that list here.

When that email came the first of July saying that I had qualified for the trip and would be going to Punta Cana, I cried. I  am not sure if Trevor really believed that we were going to go. But when I was able to finally show him that we had qualified he was just as happy (maybe a tiny bit happier?) that we were going! WE DID IT! October couldn’t come fast enough.

We spent Trevor’s birthday at the Nascar Race here in Watkins Glen and our anniversary we laid low. September full by and before we knew it was time for the trip.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving in our new house surrounded by family and friends. Christmas was low key (meaning just us three and my mom) but we did lose power while trying to cook dinner. I don’t think I will ever forget Trevor taking the half cooked turkey from the roaster outside on the charcoal grill. By the time the turkey was done, the power was back on and I was able to finish the rest of the meal.

It amazes me how quickly a year flies by. 2017 was the year to be fearless. Overall, it was successful.

I have learned to cherish the time we have here on earth, because you never know when your time is up.

I have learned to focus on making memories and less on material things.

I have learned that with enough determination and hard work, you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to.

I have learned to love myself where I am right this moment and not to fret so much about where I want to be.

I have learned to turn my dreams, and my bucket list into my to-do list.

2017 set the stage for 2018. I have accomplished so much this year, and I am so excited to see what unfolds in 2018. Thank you for following along on my journey with me. I am really glad that you are here. I have played around with blogging for about 6 months now. So in 2018, you will be hearing from me a lot more. If you haven’t yet subscribed, hit that button now so you don’t miss anything.

To Health, To Wealth, To Love and To Abundance(which is my word for 2018). Cheers!


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